Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Roses on Park Avenue"

  It was named the outdoor exhibition which was installed last January (2011) right in the center of Park Avenue, between the 57th and 67 street. The artist is Will Ryman and the exhibition was "on view for all" through May the 31St.
  One cold, crispy Sunday morning I took Isis (my pit) for a walk and snapped some photos.  I've completely forgot about it till now, a year later.
  Well since this is my so-called "scrapbook", as I have created it to be, from day one, then it is never to late to place it here. Cecil Beaton (see my January post "Cecil Beaton -- The New York Years" here) had a scrapbook himself, as I found out just recently, at the exhibition. Retails on Assouline  and Amazon  beyond a well-marketed price.
  I got to see the Roses all through the end of last winter and spring, but I believe it had never looked better than that morning, contrasting the snow, as a reminder of  "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven.


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