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Frankly Speaking...WTF???

  Here is how my stats look from this past Sunday...during this week...till today. Frankly....?!?!?

  Shall it call Morse & Nobel an "inspirational site"?!

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Have a DREAM!!!!


  And it's probably more alive than it was before I went through..yeah,....(read previous posts...)

  Sooo, as the story goes...

  Many of very successful people on this planet have said that what really made them rich and successful was FOLLOWING THEIR HEART.

  Money alone have not made anyone neither happy nor successful. Celebrities have shown us again and again....that this is the ultimate truth in life:

  Every month we hear about another one who was on top of their game financially, had achieved great success, had families, etc...yet they kill themselves voluntarily or by accident....Why??? It's very simple...because actually they aren't happy, and they are not enjoying their lifestyle.

  This one very guy...just blew me away, recently, with his ultimate "gig"...

  Life has proven again and again, that the more wealth some people accumulate (cars, properties, luxuries) the more it means nothing to them, when they are not happy on the inside. (excuse my rhetoric here, just couldn't help myself!)

  Still, 99.9 % of people continue to pursue only, or primarily money and  control over others.


 I have a dream!!

  I have the dream to live my life in a way that I am fulfilled and utterly happy. I know that when I reach that point of happiness and fulfillment, money will follow on my laps. And it is not the other way around.

  Arriving - eventually and  lately - to this conclusion felt incredibly liberating and empowering, for me...

  Unfortunately, I didn't get to this point easy. I had to hit the rock bottom. I needed to get to know depression,  betrayal, pain, suffering, fear, and to get an up-and very-close to some horrible  specimens of human beings, and some roten characters.

  Finally, after this journey I understand what is important in life.

  I understand what makes me happy, and the importance of following that dream that makes me happy.

  Now that I have "completed" this brutal training that my life throw at me for several years, if I will go back and be just like I was before, or like most people still are around me, would mean that all this training was for nothing. Would mean that all those years of processing and recalibrating my character and rewire my brain were just in vain.

  And I cannot do THIS to myself!!

  I dont want to go back and be like the most people that I am currently surrounded of.  I want to keep going ahead, and arrive to the place where people who value what I value reside. I want to be able to tell myself: Now I am surrounded by the same specimens like myself. 

  Actually, as a common starting ground....many of those that I admire and I'd like to emulate, became successful and got up there after they ("glamorously", or not!) hit the rock bottom,...and after they took enormous risks,... and after they landed in their knees more than once. 

  If I would do what my mother wants me to do,...because she think is the direct path to .... whatever.... I will have to return to the level where people who chaise only money reside. Those people are full of hate, frustration, are in pain, and not ever been happy in their own entire life. They live a lie and they die in that lie. No wonder, those celebrities kill themselves...They realize that if they have to live and die in a huge lie, they must as well do it sooner rather than later. And that's a level of awareness and courage that many people never achieve. 

  My dream is to build my life the way it makes me happy and the way it will make my  future family happy.  I don't have to allowed anymore random characters to decide what it is that I should do in my life. Now, I am consciously choosing the people in my life...The people I choose are my husband, partners, close friends, and kids that I bring into this world or that I adopt. Those are real choices. Choices I make constantly. 

  To turn around and do what pleases other people that have nothing to do with me, will override all that I have learned in this years of hardship. 

  It will mean to think small like them, to allow others to decide who comes and stay into my life, and to eventually waist my whole life going through it like a dead man walking. And heavily lying and pretending along the way, and getting myself numb with chemicals or other substances when lying alone doesn't do the tricks anymore. 

  I believe that in life WE ALL  ultimately get exactly what

we asked for. The bigger the prize the harder to get. The 

most  exquisite the dream, the more challenges to overcome. 

But ultimately "WE, THE PEOPLE" get exactly what we

wished for!!!

  Sometimes, when reality sinks in, and some of us realized that what they wished for makes them miserable  that's another blog post altogether. This blog post is about me setting my intention, in perfect alignment with who i have became, with what I have learned, and with what I want and would be beneficial for me...

  I have gotten most of what I wanted in my 20s, and then I learn the misery of some of my wishes becoming reality, then and so,  for pretty much all of my 30s I had been "requested" to rewire, re-calibrate and change myself to the core... if I really want something else. 

  So, I did it....Well, I wish the process was not soooo harsh, as it turned out to be... 

  Was it easy? Oh,  NO....

  Did I get support and understanding during this process? NOPE... (most people have no capabilities to deconstruct such process, no even on a psychological lever, as I discovered,...)

Did I reach the point many times when I thought I am DONE, DONE, DONE? YES. YES. & YES.

  Now I am going to continue my journey towards creating the life that I want. I have got  (created) the brain that I wanted. And I have got (created) the character that I needed for it. 

  I know NOW I am creating the life that I want. Every day. In every way. With baby steps. 

....And so I thought that you guys out there...would like to hear un update from me...I like to believe that drama is finish, and i have moved into the recovery stage....ANDDDD, an anulment is in order, too! (wink)



Thursday, June 5, 2014

If I Die Soon..

    I have no idea how to titled this post. I don't know if I am going to die or not...but I kind of feel that I am wanted rather dead then alive by those very bad "phantoms" that have been lurking in my life, praying on my everything, ever since I became financially unsolvable few years ago.

  Today I came home to find my dearest angel, my dog Isis beaten up. We used to be stopped on the street by people marveling what a happy, joyful and pretty dog she is. Today i found her frail...she couldn't even stand up to receive me at home. Her neck is swollen, so her belly, she cant's lift her head, is crying when I touch it, and walks unsure, and with her tail stack between her legs. She didn't eat, is laying down, breathing heavily and I suspect she is in major pain. Me and her used to play and roll together. Today she screamed when I touched her neck. My dog has been beaten up in a very professional criminal way. No visible wounds, but she might be bleeding inside to death....only God knows...

  Getting in this studio, with a simple standard lock, it's not a challenge for a criminal who does it for living.

  I suspect, I am the target. Having a dog made everything difficult, because she can sniff anyone around the home and alert me. If I would be alone, than their job would be a piece of cake.

  I'm writing this, in case I die. If Isis doesn't make it through this, then half of me would be dead, already.

  No, I'm not fantasizing. I have been screaming for protection for so long, and I think at least I can leave a written blog of what is happening. And God, movies copy life, and not the other way around.

Isis, in her tip-top shape before today

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pro Bono Attorney Wanted for False Marriage Annulment

  Hello everybody,

  To set my record/blog straight: I had never intentionally abandoned my story, and how could I?... Although truth be told, after my encounter with the characters described in previous blog posts...starting with the notorious Dr. Serban Cocioba, followed "timely" by Mariana Baciu et Comp., and ending with my fake, only-in-the-papers husband Vitali Balatel of Republic of Moldova, I had the non-privilege to experience some of the most debilitating emotions one can desire in a lifetime. I'm talking about all forms of anxiety, panics, the entire range of depression, post traumatic stress disorder, to complete paralysis and lack of desire to live furthermore. I talked about trauma, previously. But squeezing in a few paragraphs all those emotions would be genius if not impossible.

  After she successfully evicted me from her "charitable" basement room, I have picked up the pieces of my life, one at a time, and tried to figure out which ones could be pieced back together somehow, and which ones are forever compromised. It's a painstaking process. Never underestimate the damages of emotional abuse inflicted into someone, especially if this is a very organized, well researched, well staffed, and very resourceful organized, concerted, systematic group, as the one I have faced all by myself in the later years.

  To believe that moving 10 miles further down, "wiped out" and broken in pieces would make them "lose" interest in destroying me, would be naive, to say the least. After all, Marian Baciu, Vitali Balatel and their relentless support system did not achieve their primary goal of using my identity to cleverly naturalize Vitaly  fast and smoothly into the American System. Then he can continue further with bringing over his wife and four kids. I dont feel like going into details now, yet any malicious set up, or even my death, would have helped them a great deal, in their endeavour to quickly fabricating a story of supporting this husband of mine 9which I only saw for a total of approx. 5 hours, although it's going to be 2 years soon that I'm legally married with him) all thanks to the mastermind of fakery records creator: Ms. Baciu.

 Of course, I tried to handle my annulment by myself, I think I mentioned about it, and I was turned down. I was told that in NYC you can handle your divorce but you can't handle your annulment, because it;s more complicated. So, it's more complicated to show them there is nothing, and never been, then to divorce from a marriage who created a tones a natural ties: kids, wealth, etc, etc. To show them there is NOTHING it's very complicated. Now, they didn't mention if it's complicated for me to show them nothing or it is complicated for them to get nothing!?!!....

 Although I endanger my life when I reported to the immigration that I got married under duress and that I cannot just hand out my identity and become a bona fide criminal, it appears that the responsibility of carrying  out the annulment remains to me, although, I thought since it is what it is it would/should have been dissolved automatically. On their end, Mariana Baciu, Vitali Balatel and the other Satans Friends of them, would be glad if I would just accept a non-fault divorce. Wait!!! Did I just say "glad"? This is an understatement...  Would be freaking euphoric, I should have said, because metaphorically speaking I would simply hand them a big loaded gun and ask them to kill me. With a non-fault divorce, after 2 years, and with their army of attorneys on payroll, next to other well-placed connections, they will go ahead to fabricate a nice, fat file of how Vitali is a poor "battered" (daa!) spouse and how he should be granted permanent residence. No, don't even ask me about witnesses. There are a whole army of crime slavers as you already saw from my previous stories. AND, most importantly, after being through hell, and being targeted to be silenced forever, I will get out of the story as a PERPETRATOR, ABUSIVE SPOUSE and, God knows, with a CRIMINAL RECORD as well.

  So, this bring me to my My Appeal to All kind of title: I need a pro bono attorney, a warrior, a non-potential-bribe-receiver from Mariana Baciu or any of her directly implicated associates (since nobody does it alone!!, Especially in a country like America, y'all know). This marriage is a fraud. It was produced under great emotional pressure, and till it was materialized, was more like a lead into the great ...caca... so to speak. It should be easy for a professional, especially while I am alive, a living proof, and I left as big of a trail as I possibly could about my whereabouts.

  So, I put my faith in the Universe of creating the right circumstances and be legally helped in finalizing with an annulment, this crystal-clear fake marriage for which I was targeted by this pricks way before I even knew that I was "casted" for the role.

  You may contact me by email: alexandra_morse@yahoo.com or at 310-997-2897. Please and THANK YOU. Big thank you for those who would help to make it happen.

 P.S. Yes, I'm fully aware that the first one to jump on this opportunity would be Mariana Baciu's team of attorney which would try to talk me into a bona fide divorce. Don't!! Thanks, but no fucking thanks.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Understanding Trauma ... Part I

  In one of my previous posts I said I will explain and talk about my trauma due to the circumstances I have been falling and dwelling into during the most recent times of my life. I personally strongly believe in therapy. I mean, professional therapy where you go and talk with someone who is professionally trained to help with whatever disorders or fears someone might be dealing with, acutely or chronically, at a given time..

  I must disclose up front that I have never had a history of mental illnesses nor anybody in my family. I did grow up with someone who was abusing alcohol in our family, but that was pretty common in Communist Romania, giving the fact that the drinks available were mostly dirt cheap vodka and some home-made wine. No wonder I hate vodka so much! In my mind I've associated it with the Communism, as funny as it may sound...

  However exposure to people drinking Vodka I had, I have never been exposed to manic, depressed, neurotic, uncontrollable addictions or sexual behaviour while growing up. I said it before, I grew up in a quite hermetic environment, and I grew up slow, not fast... However, due to my incredible and painful recent financial fall, here in America, I became vulnerable and dangerously exposed to predators and I've learned (very unfortunately) first hand by observing their "template"behaviour. I came to me that any criminal behaviour or potentially criminal behaviour seems to be rooted in all kind of mental disorders (as a personal observation and conclusion!). The ones that I believe could identify so far were narcissism, ego/megalo-mania, bipolarity and some serious compulsive addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex or buying stuff, lots of stuff to fill an emptiness inside....

  I am now past 40 years old, yet, I often surprised myself carrying an amazing  left-over (?) amount of naivete which I believe it's been my blessing and my curse. One of my absolute peak of naivete was to believe that my very own people,the Romanians, would not attempt to steal my identity, nor attempt of poisoning me - see the cocaine post, nor to  allegedly attempt to drug me, and ultimately, as I imminently felt in several occasions, to kill me or set me up in a fatal accident...

  When my financial crash became imminent, my mother called Dr. Serban Cocioba (see my previous post about his role as a "connector" in here) and asked him as any desperate parent would have to another parent close to the events, to help me get over this enormous danger rising in front of me: eviction, homelessness, financial crash, etc. He had the total lack of consciousness (often called psychopathy, right?) to promise my mom that "Will do!", while he knew well in advance that I was targeted to be stripped of my American citizenship, identity, and ultimately, as I suspect now, in the light of more information, be brain washed, drugged up and thrown into one of those underground and illegal prostitution rings....which have plagued New York ever since the Eastern Europeans organized crime set camp here, in South Brooklyn,  back in the '80s. They might not be visible but they sure exist, and I have not seen it, but I "felt" , or I should say, I sensed  it's chilling "breath" on my back neck since I have lived this drama...

  ** Here, I might insert that I have titled it Part I because I can only write for so long without throwing myself into a panic attack, so I ll go through this subject in smaller sequences, not because I want to build up expectation from you  but because this entire chain of events have been  tried me similar with an American soldier deployed in the unknown Vietnamese jungle during the Vietnam war....and we all know, as have been greatly documented, how the survivors came back to the country when they had to cut that war short....And, no, I'm not exaggerating. Some of you may not fully comprehend it, because it's hard to understand something you don't know. Clearly, I can relate to this....but I know there are many of you who fully and completely understand what have been happening to me and who, I believe, have even a better understanding than me about everything....

  My trauma is definitely layered on many levels and it was provoked by different persons, and was aimed to shatter my mind and personality on different key points, by inducing a set of horrible negative emotions, which were supposed to virus my system, similar with a terrorist Trojan Virus which is supposed to totally fuck up a computer network.

  What saved me and brought me so far was that, without modesty, I came to understand that I have been intellectually blessed and although I was telling this by doctors and educators since I was 7 years old...I thought they were referring to my memory and capacity to understand, learn and store information; mostly school related information. I had to live through this ordeal to understand that those capabilities were applicable to any surviving situation, and to actually admit, that yes, I was gifted. I am ready and happy, in the future to submit myself to any diagnosing, measurements and professional therapy to have those skills measured and possibly put it back into a good use for the society.

 However, I will have to wait until I can do it with real professionals, rather than with potentially terrorists organizations. And there is an episode, that I will talk about in the following parts of this blog, in which "those ill intended organized people" tried to declare me crazy, so they could easily make me look delirious, and that nothing of what actually happen was nothing  more than a figment of my imagination. No, it is not a figment of my imagination! And I have this deep belief that there are trained professionals who understand all that I am going through and  describing and who have seen this happening before, many times, and have much more information than it is currently available to me about how those types operate. This belief has kept me on going....It's a positive thinking from which I draw courage and energy...

  Please, if you learn something from me, learn about the Power of Positive Thinking...I beg you....

  One of the most traumatizing "needle" was Mariana Baciu herself. It was very hard for me to accept and understand that a woman in her '50s, coming from Romania, just like myself, who chameleonic-like  changed her appearance and behaviour to appear as a respected mother, business woman and "Lady" (as she is called around here) could possibly unleash such (allegedly) attempt to kill me for not giving her what she needed from me (my rights and citizenship for her grater goals). This is incredibly hard for me to understand. That a mother which appear (keyword: appear) as someone who is nice, on a first superficial look, can demonstrate to me such a split personality and behaviour. Someone who appeared to me initially as a perfect hands-on mother for her own offspring, could turn into something else, and didn't seem to stop short from nothing to destroy another person's offspring ....and all that without me really hurting her in the first place....All is been generated out of her Belief of Entitlement that she can have what and when she wants, and that she is above the Law, as well of the other mortals.I have many times thought about this disequilibrium in her thinking mechanism....

  I remember a few years ago, one particular highly mediatize story about a woman who was/is a bonafide mother of four kids, seemed the perfect "soccer mother" of an upscale Westchester, NY suburbia, yet she was IN PARALLEL an well established, successful  Upper East Side Madame pulling in million of dollars out of an illegal prostitution ring. And don't confuse it: not an introduction agency in which the girls will meet prospective husbands, or ending up getting married, NO! It was a downright sex market. Then, she will take her madame "coat" off, in the end of the work day, and will go upstate to take her kids to soccer games, bible study, parents' meeting and play dates. I was so puzzled by this story back then that, even if I don't know her personally, I hoped she will rotten in jail for many years....as I think she certainly served time, even if she was well lawyered up to get her off the hook...

 So, when I saw this split signals and contradictory behaviour coming from Maria Baciu (so pretended philanthropist , made believe more as a predator, criminal strategist for illegal immigration, all in once) , and you see what happen to me as I described in my previous posts, I also came to assume that this kind of orchestrated, well-oiled machine of terror must have been well practiced prior me "popping" into the scene, and it will,, most likely, perpetuate itself if not stopped, after I myself would be removed and saved out of it. This type of versatility does not describe an amateur. Even a naive like myself, I was able to finally see the writings on the walls. And I don't need a Phd in psychology to understand it, my minor in it, seemed to have giving to me enough information to work with.

 However much I thought about it, there is a point where I cannot go any further, and I hope I ll have a trained professional explaining to me one day.... How is it possible to really live and react on two different levels? I am totally blown away by this... My intelligence cannot stretch as far to make me understand it...or maybe my conscience is not capable of such stretch? ....

 There have been many people who hurt me, or I have came to detest in my life, but I have never ever fantasize on physically harming them. I would be terrified to the idea of complot to kill even someone that I deeply hate. Example:  those personages that I came to hate these days, and who really terrified me and terrorized me. If I would have the means or the opportunity to kill them, I would never ever, in a million years be able to "push that nuclear button". Not on them not on anybody....I never brought my mind to even imagine on doing such a thing, left alone to put in in practice.

  Sooo, ...would I like to see them going to jail ? Of course. Jail is not a vacation. To a minimum those who hurt and terrorize people would get the exact thing in return during a jail "vacay". Over there they could and definitely should experience some of the feelings that I myself have experienced as their victim: fear for my life, fear to eat that my food could be contaminated with some drugs, fear to smoke the loose tobacco I have smoked for years that it would have AGAIN cocaine mixed in it,, fear that I could be set up with anything, fear that I will be made-believe crazy so nobody would believe that what I have been experienced is actually REAL,  fear that I am being drawn to made-up law suits with the intention to scare, intimidate me, shut me up, and made a villain out of a victim, fear that I could be physically hurt, kidnapped, or thrown on the streets as another homeless, ....

  I will stop here. But not before I will repeat: I wish that the persons who lied, scared, jeopardize and endanger my life and  attempt to stripped me off my own identity will one day received exactly the same being done into them.

  When that time comes, I ll have one simple question. How does it feel???


  I'll be back.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Time To Give You THE PLOT Is Finally Here!!

  My story came to a point, similar with some of those indie movies we like so much, for being so real, and truthful to life, where after I started at the beginning of my interaction with Mariana Baciu, then I gave you an idea of the following three months, and now, I will jump to today, and of course go back, and write about many other events which need to be recorded, anyway.

  In order words, I will answer as much as possible in only one post of today, to a basic question: "Why did Maria Baciu, and her very "organized support system" had unleashed such a torrent of terror, harassment, vandalizing, and ultimately the attempt to kill me or to create the stage for me to kill myself by an accident (as I explained in my post The Cocaine Episode - How I Almost Got Killed......) ???

  Here is the answer in one sentence: "She wanted my American citizenship, and implicitly to use my entire identity, and to manage my identity just like she manages those buildings. She really needed someone to married her home helper / bodyguard / hit man (maybe? apparently) / caregiver for the old and paralyzed husband, Petru Baciu, who at the time of his stroke, was still the principal owner of  "Petru Baciu Associates" with 75% while she was the owner of only 25% of the business. This helper, who allegedly is her boyfriend, too, according with some sources, was very trustworthy to her and I will write a post only about him, and his psychological profile, the way I had learned it myself, and without pretending that I am psychiatrically diagnosing him, by any means.

  This individual, whose name is Vitali Balatel, is from Republic of Moldova and it was recommended to Maria Baciu by no other than Cristian Sofinely, the super of this building, who is very reliable and "trustworthy" (as she told me long time ago) -- I've also talked about him, in my previous posts.

  So, she had laid out all the details: had him divorcing his wife who is a simple, hardworking homemaker with no less of four (!!!)  kids, but who is "in luck" considering that her husband "secured" this amazing job with a very wealthy lady in New York, making as much money as a recent Harvard graduate in the American standards AND tax free, since he was in a visitor visa since the very beginning, not to mention the "benefits" this job came with to him. Yet, about himself is not clear if he ever went through high school all the way, but even in Moldova, like in Russia you can buy a paper which will attest that you went to college, still by any account would be possible to ever produce this kind of an income in the dirt poor small village of Moldova Republic, nor  in America, where really skilled, talented people, with college education, or even masters, are unemployed or under employment, due to the disastrous economic world crises.

  So, this all was masterminded my Maria Baciu, just like she does with everything else, playing "God" , while manipulating people lives and finances and behaviours.  All she needed was the American citizen girl to enter this sham marriage and allow her to be in absolute control of her identity. And here, I am entering the story: being recruited by the Romanian doctor which I only find out after I moved here, that it is a ex-con, being convicted for insurance fraud, and about who Maria Baciu boasted during our landlord-tenant trial: "I met her through my personal doctor of 20 years".  True!! It would have been impossible for me to ever meet her, because I generally stayed away of Romanian community and lived in Harlem, Manhattan, rather than in Brooklyn or Queens where they have created a nucleus of the community. However what brought me to that doctor, Serban Cocioba, was the fact that I was in my last year of college, I was financially distressed, hitting towards a major financial and life disaster if I couldn't get employed even before graduation. All my financial resources were dried up and I thought that a doctor must very well connected to many people, naturally, and it will be able to recommend me somewhere even for a menial office job. At that time I had no idea about his conviction, I had no idea that he had been financially "bailed out" (underhanded, of course) by Maria Baciu, and he owned her allegedly a quarter million dollars, next to many services in return. And there are many pay-back services...(!!), but this topic needs a stand alone post.

  However, to finish giving the whole plot away....It was very difficult for Maria Baciu to find that person. Most Romanian who get their citizenships through lottery, or most often, through sham marriages, as soon as are in the possession of the permanent green card, even before the citizenship it's granted to them, have already plans, "on the tube", of marrying someone else, to recover the money they paid to get it, or they will re-marry their real spouse to drag them in and the rest of family. So, for Mariana Baciu finding the right person was really an uphill task.

  Now, Dr. Serban Cocioba has talked to me about the topic several times during the past few years, about people needing it, and the "money to be made", but he always approached this subject  in an "accidental" , "by the way" manner, to "check me out" where I stand on this issue. I mean, that's how they saw it: I was divorced for 10+ years, I was an American citizen, I lived alone with a dog, no family, no commited relationship, and I was beefing up my education going to a college in the middle of Manhattan, while I was poorer by the day. My last boyfriend who was very supportive was in 2005, and I had no interest to get into any relationship with a dead end, or someone that I was simply not in love with, and clubbing and one night stand were never, ever, my circus.

  So, beside that they thought I am either autistic, damb or down right crazy, they still thought of me as being   that perfect "candidate" for solving their problem.

  They carefully "hunted" me and watch me how I got evicted from an apartment I couldn't afford anymore, and as I was still unemployed, recently graduated and with a semi-boyfriend who's mother always wanted him to be a social climber, and she didn't even wanted an immigrant like myself to come near his son, let alone to host me for few weeks, or few months, although there was not only their apartment where my boyfriend lived with her mother, but there was also a grandfather who is living alone in a large place in Brooklyn. But, no, she wants a certain "game" for her boy, and she did not allow him to help me out at the moment of my eviction, although he had  basically spent 2 years, almost daily with me, and nobody forced him to do it. Plus, his drinking vice was definitely getting under control since he met me. And funny enough, he would never had the need to drink while in my apartment, but as soon as he would go back to his mom place he would just get waisted. Yet, her mom refused to admit all this. And I wouldn't worry anyway about her beliefs.At my eviction time, of course, he made his choice: his mom in front of me, and there is nothing to analize about it. Some boys are just close to their moms, I guess. He helped me, through, loading my things in the moving track, with no destination, and then he went back home to shower, drink and sleep, while I remained in the truck with my dog, looking for a safe parking lot where I could rest, if that was even possible.... Some people, I've met are absolutely blow minding!!

  So, here appeared Mariana Baciu. I was technically homeless for the first time in my life, without a place to go,  but not exactly living on the streets of New York but in a rented truck with my dog, for 5 days. I mean, I have been to fashion school, mingle with a bunch of very snobbish people.and that very day I had to spend my whole night, as the following one, and the following one, a total of five nights .... in a rental truck, with my dog who was so upset that she stopped eating....and while I was absolutely frozen and trying to not loose my mind under that kind of stress....I myself I have a nice collection of beautiful clothes, I'm well adjusted to society, educated, and healthy...yet I had no hard cash, unemployed, with a dog, stressed out and scared, and with no family in United States, just a semi-boyfriend who announced me that "American people don't help!". Of course it's bulshit. America has been the most generous country in the world, but I just didn't run into the right American guy, and I had to get evicted to learn that the hard way.

The one old lady that I was supposed to live with, also recommended by Dr. Serban Cocioba, conveniently changed her mind about my dog, and Serban Cocioba announced me that if I want a place to sleep then I shall drop my dog at the pound. It is amazing to me how this people felt entitle to make choices about your life and your pets life. I adopted my dog from a pound, and saved her. She has became my American family, and is my American baby. She loves me unconditionally. How could I ever just discard her? ...This should give you an idea about the way this people think. We see in TV how firemans risks their lives all the time to save pets caught in fire, or floods, yet this educated Romanians which are living in AMerica for many many years, still believe that the life of a pet is disposable of a moment notice. Well, later I had to learn that my life was disposible for them, either, if I don't comply with their requests, so a pet's live is just a joke on their perspective. YET, THERE IS A BIG EXCEPTION: if the pet in cause belongs to their childrens. Hypocrisy and Double Standards are OFF THE CHART for these individuals (more about it later, to)....Wel, I guess I have lived with American people for too long, and I forgot about the primitivism and luck of empathy of Romanian, Russian, etc, not to mention, that at that time I had no idea that I was seriously "targeted" and "groomed" for the ultimate goal of marrying with Vitali Balatel and pave his road to citizenship, and ultimately to his wife, kids, etc. I was already "assigned" for a supreme purpose. If I can be excused, here, allow me to squeeze a "The can go fuck themselves!!" from the bottom of my heart....

  Eventually I met Mariana Baciu on September 12th of 2012. I parked the truck, I left my dog there and I went to see her. When I stretch my hand to say "Hello" she left me waiting, pretending that she didn't see my hand. I mean, for her I was another "disposable" and little that I knew about her arrogance, back then.

  She told me exactly what she wants from me. But she added that "She might not need me" because she is already working in renewing his visa. She also told me that I have a big defect of being financially unsolvable but that's why she will sponsor "us" making appear as we are a young couple which is being sponsored by close friends, till we get settled. Blah (That's me vomiting!).
  She also said that she would help me anyway with a room, not an apartment,  because she is a philanthropist (yeah, right, see my post...Yeah,....I Want to Stay Alive....Is That a Problem??...) and she is known for "helping people" from the community which are in distress.

  That same nigh I moved into a small room, which is on the ground floor of one of the buildings "Petru Baciu and Associates" owns. This is an old building who used to have tones of facilities room on the ground floor, like, porter room, mail room, etc. all those rooms have been converted, some are used as wearhouse, some are for the personal laundry room of the super, and some are like a living quarter used to host ...temporarily ...fill in the blank, whatever...
 The promise was that she will move me upstairs in a large apartment, which I saw, and YES, it was humangust compared with the studio that I lived in Manhattan.

  Only 5 days later, after I finally got into this "transitory" room it was made clear to me that the marriage needs to happen, ASAP, because by the time we get the license and made the marriage, he would risk becoming illegal, being that his visa was not renewed, although that Im sure, now, that she turned every stone to make it happen. I mean, she was able to have the mailman acting as a private currier, and thousands of people cases being "cleared" so that we will have a "totally private" trial room. It must have been that the Immigration told her to fuck off at that time, and I was ordered the marriage. And I was not confused about the pressure on me!!

  However, in that very same day of the marriage I had a nervous meltdown. I had never done anything illegal in America, and I didn't want to start then. Lucky me,  later I found that getting married then was not illegal, especially considering the underhanded blackmail, and psychological duress that I was at the time this was imposed on me.(here, I need to write a post of some people who "decided" that psychological duress is when someone hold a gun to you. Of course, this judge, left intentionally unacknowledged the very fact that psychological duress is exactly that: psychological not physical. More about it later, in details).

  Next day following the marriage, after she treated me with lunch in a restaurant, she sent me to a lawyer to submit my documents. Since I never got married in America, I had no idea that couples go to the lawyer, after few months.

  Then I was ordered in the sweetest voice, to go to bank with this person that I am married with, open account, get ready to move into my large apartment, and prepare to sign a myriad of  papers which will make everything look rock solid and real, most importantly. I'VE NEVER SIGN ANYTHING. I went hysterical. I called her an architect of humans smuggling and mastermind of illegal naturalizing. I told her to back off my identity and she should never ever touch it. I had not submitted my life nor my citizenship to her, and I think that what she got from me, until I get an annulment, should give her enough time to put him on the plane back where he belongs with his 4 kids and wife and find a proper home care person, if thats what she needed.

  She responded in a sweet voice that she advise me that I should never do anything that I don't feel comfortable doing (like I didn't already demonstrated that I know it!) and that no apartment would be made available for me, but since she doesn't need that facility room,  and she is known to be a great philanthropist, she maintains her statement that she would have helped me with the small room, so I can stay there till I get old, or whatever. I remember that I laughed, and responded that it is a nice wish to be there for the rest of my life, but I have better expectation from my life. I thank her for charity and told that I accepted it.

  And then.....the terror, vandalizing of my computers, internet access, multiple forms of harassment, attempt to murder, attempt to lock me up in a mental hospital .... started. The hell broke loose above my head. I learned that she doesn't "operate alone" . I had people appearing into my life under the fake pretence that it is accidental, and they are just friendly neighbours, when in reality everybody had a decided role to  play master plan. Reminds me of the Stalinist, Communist ..."WHO IS NOT WITH US, IT'S AGAINST US". and how did I dare to not accept to submit my whole identity to them??? just like communists they felt as they can go grab whatever they need from a human: citizenship, history, private property and ultimately THE IDENTITY of a being on this earth!!!

  It all culminating with taking me to tenant-landlord court, where she had a judge working just for us for half day, in a private setting, and he acting as part of her defense team (see this post Ka-ching, Ka-ching!....Is this a good thing?....).

  Not for a moment this judge as the other judges that saw us (two others - I ll get there, too)  had ever signal that they will contact the DA to report this civil case brought up to their knowledge to simply cover a seriously potential criminal case.... almost like a doctor will only treat the bullet wound, while guarding to let any details about how that bullet got in there, get discovered or reported to the proper justice or law enforcement department which deals with this specific topics). I must be naive, but I have experienced a level of corruption here in America, that under no circumstances, before it, I would have ever believed as possible. If I would ever heard or seen this thing happening in America, I would have discounted it as a lie or a blockbuster Hollywood movie. I was obviously very ingenuous...and so my mother, actually, who always told me that America is not Corrupted Neo-Communist Russia nor Romania, and I will not be hurt without any protection from the people who are paid  and trained to do just that: watch the health of society. Well....she might me a naive lady, as well....

  And this is the plot. Now, I'll have to take it piece by piece and elaborate on each part of it.

 Currently I am still married and I couldn't find an organization to handle an annulment. I can't afford a lawyer, and they did not allow me to handle it myself, as people do with their divorces, at all times. Could it be, that just like they have someone at the Post Office, at the lower civil court of Brooklyn, they also have someone at the divorces and annulments who is there to block me what is a fact: That I need to annul a marriage who never existed, and was pieced together only by Mariana Baciu and Dr. Serban Cocioba, taking advantage that I was very vulnerable, and scared beyond what most people ever experience in their entire lifetime.
  I ll have to explain to those of you who are not familiar with emigration (well, I'm becoming an expert, in my process of protecting myself and my identity) why Mariana Baciu and her wide network of lawyers, still did not give up on making him a bona fide American citizen. There is a "crack" they are trying to squeeze him through: creating a big fakery file and presenting him as a "battered spouse". A divorce will help them. An annulment will stop them short. I dont accept the divorce formula, because this will imply that this marriage actually existed. I only saw this dude 3 times in my whole life, for few hours total. And he was constantly reporting to Mariana Baciu over the phone about the process, getting the license, marrying and seeing the lawyer. If I see him on the street I don't even recognize him well, or instantly. Yet, I have a marriage certificate, which i demanded from Maria Baciu and I got it (because she felt entitled to keep all my documents as well). This marriage was a fakery, obtained with psychological pressure, and it never existed. i want out of it through an annulment. I also call on her for what she did to me. And I document the broken hell unleashed upon me because I had the nerve to protect what is rightfully and legally mine: my identity. Well, this set her off and if you read my last 10 blogs, you will see how my last year was mostly dedicated to keep myself alive....And this is not an understatement by any standards.

  I'll be back.